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"How Does a Variable Speed Air-Conditioner Work and What are the Benefits?"

Updated: Apr 8

Bryant Evolution 189 Air Conditioner


Small but powerful, this unique air conditioner uses inverter technology and a rotary compressor to deliver variable-speed comfort control. That translates to highly efficient, low-stage cooling that can operate down to 25% capacity for ultra-quiet operation. What's more, it can provide exceptional dehumidification and comfort.

Benefits of an Evolution System

Efficiency Management - Maximize summer energy bill savings:

  • Up to 24.0 SEER2 (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) makes select models some of the most efficient air conditioners available

  • Energy Star on qualifying systems - You may save energy and qualify for local utility rebates where available.

Bryant Variable Speed Motor
Bryant Variable Speed Motor

Variable Speed Technology 

  • Models 186C & 189B’s inverter driven 5 stage variable speed compressor operates nearly continuously delivering more consistent indoor temperature and humidity control.

Perfect Humidity Technology 

  • Helps ensure great summertime cooling dehumidification when system components include multi and variable speed cooling products. Enjoy consistent temperature and reduced hot/cold spots.

Comfort Management 

  • Best levels of cooling control to minimize temperature fluctuations.

  • Dehumidification eliminates up to 400% more humidity than most single stage systems.

  • Optimal Humidity management through low stage operation when managed by Evolution Connex Control


  • Ultra Quiet outdoor sound as low as 51dBa, the lowest in the variable speed outdoor category

  • Pressure equalizer valve, compressor sound blanket; quiet mount split post compressor grommets, forward swept fan blade

Evolution Connex Control
Evolution Connex Control


  • Stay current with wireless software updates - Ensures optimal system performance and home comfort while delivering peace of mind. 

  • Maintenance reminders and service notices through advanced system diagnostics


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