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"The History of Comfort: A Timeline of the Bryant Heating & Cooling System"

Bryant Logo

At Ryf Heating and AC, we're honored to be part of the esteemed Bryant brand and its rich legacy of providing top-notch home comfort solutions.

Rooted in the Bryant philosophy of 'Doing Whatever It Takes,' we embody our founder Jeff Ryf's personal mantra: 'If we wouldn't do it in our home, we won't do it in yours.'

By seamlessly integrating these two philosophies, we ensure that every customer receives a system that is uniquely designed for each customer's home and needs.

Below, is a brief history of the innovation and commitment that has defined Bryant's legacy in the realm of home comfort solutions.


Bryant National Gas Regulator

1904 — Charles Bryant founds the Natural Gas Regulator Company in Cleveland, OH. The company soon begins manufacturing gas-fired water heaters.

Bryant Heater & Manufacturing

1908 - Company name changed to Bryant Heater & Manufacturing, LLC Cleveland Ohio

Bryant Tubular Gas Boiler

1919 — Bryant offers a guarantee of 80% efficiency with its tubular gas boilers for hot water, vapor, and steam heating. By the mid-1920s, most gas boilers sold in the U.S. are made by Bryant.

Bryant "Pup"

1927 — With record sales in gravity gas furnaces; Bryant begins to develop a reputation for reliable performance. A new mascot — the pup — is featured in an ad campaign that positions Bryant furnaces as so simple; you could “let your pup be your furnace man."

1930 — Bryant helps the commercial air conditioning industry make significant strides during the 1930s, after introducing the silica gel dehumidifier.

1937 — The Dualator, an all-in-one heating and cooling unit, is introduced. A few years later, the U.S. Army and Navy call on Bryant to use its heating expertise in World War II efforts.

Bryant Command Aire Twins

1949 Bryant introduces Command Aire Twins –matching heating and cooling units for year round comfort

1955Carrier merged with Affiliated Gas Equipment, Inc., which owned Bryant Heater Co., Day & Night Water Heater Co., and Payne Furnace & Supply Co., and moves Bryant’s corporate headquarters from Cleveland to Indianapolis.

Bryant 1958 Indycar

Current Bryant Indycar

1958 - Jimmy Bryan secured a historic victory at the prestigious Indianapolis 500 while driving for the Bryant Heating & Cooling Special team. Bryan's masterful performance behind the wheel of the #1 car not only showcased his exceptional skill and determination but also solidified Bryant's presence in the realm of motorsports. His triumph stands as a testament to the partnership between Bryant and racing excellence, marking a memorable chapter in both automotive and brand history.

1955 — Carrier Corp. purchases AGE and moves Bryant’s corporate headquarters from Cleveland to Indianapolis.

1979 — Carrier is purchased by United Technologies Corp. Already the leading manufacturer of gas air conditioners in the U.S., Bryant now establishes itself as one of the largest U.S. furnace manufacturers as well.

Bryant 90% Gas Furnace

1981 — Bryant pioneers one of the first 90%-efficient gas furnaces, with comfort-enhancing variable-speed operation. A few years later, Bryant introduces the Dual Pack, the world’s first outdoor gas heating and electric cooling unit.

Ryf Heating Logo

1990 - Choosing to join the Bryant Brand family was an easy decision for Ryf Heating. We saw in Bryant a commitment to quality and innovation that perfectly aligned with our own values. By joining forces, we're able to provide our customers with even better heating and cooling solutions, backed by Bryant's trusted reputation.

Bryant Puron Logo

1996 — Nearly a decade before the U.S. government begins a gradual phase-out of ozone-depleting refrigerants; Bryant introduces products with Puron®, its patented environmentally sound refrigerant.

2000 — As other manufacturers begin to introduce alternative refrigerant products, Bryant expands its innovative Puron® refrigerant product line to include the first packaged air conditioners/heat pumps and two-speed condensing units.

2004 — With 100 years of doing “Whatever it Takes” under its belt, the company set its sights on the future. It launches new endeavors to improve indoor air quality with one of the widest product lines in the industry. Bryant also works to increase energy efficiency with its most advanced heating and cooling units ever.

2024 - A Bryant Milestone Anniversary

Bryant 120 Years

For over a century, Bryant has been a pioneer in home comfort. Our founder, Charles Bryant has even been called the “father of the gas heating industry.” And on March 1, 2024 Bryant celebrates its’ 120th anniversary.

2025 - A Ryf Heating & AC Anniversary

Ryf Heating Box Truck

Ryf Heating will be celebrating 35 years as a Bryant Factory Authorized dealer in 2025. We reflect on a journey marked by excellence, integrity, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

Since joining the Bryant family, we have upheld the highest standards of quality and service, earning the trust and loyalty of countless homeowners in our community. This milestone not only speaks to our longstanding commitment to providing top-tier heating and cooling solutions but also serves as a testament to the enduring partnership between Ryf Heating and Bryant.

As we look ahead, we are excited to continue serving our customers with the same passion and expertise that has defined us for over three decades.



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